Our vision and strategy

Our plan to develop and prepare better futures for young people across Wyre

Our Purpose

Wyre Scouts exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

Our Vision

Our vision is that, by 2025, in Wyre Scouts, we will see more people than ever before enjoying and benefitting from Scouting, preparing futures by equipping young people with skills for life (character, practical and employability skills).

Our Goals

As Wyre Scouts, we aim to grow, become more inclusive and youth shaped while making a positive impact in our communities.

Our Values

Part of being a Scout is going on a journey to understand who you are and what you stand for. Everyone is unique, but there are some things all Scouts can agree on, these are our values. They’re at the heart of who we are and what we do and they are:
Care – We’re kind to ourselves and to others. We look after the world we live in.
Respect – We’re thoughtful of people’s feelings and values, treating everyone as we’d like to be treated ourselves.
Integrity – We’re honest, we try to do the right thing (even if no one’s watching), and we stay true to ourselves.
Cooperation – We build bridges, not walls, and we work together to change the world for the better, making friends along the way.
Belief – We explore our beliefs and attitudes with wide-open minds – learning about other cultures, and thinking for ourselves.

Our Strategic Pillars

To help Wyre District achieve our vision and goals, we will focus on four key pillars that will be at the heart of our operation.
The pillars are:
• Programme – A fun, enjoyable, high quality programme, consistently delivered and supported by simple tools.
• People – More, well-trained, better supported and motivated adult volunteers and more young people from diverse backgrounds.
• Perception – Scouting is understood, more visible, trusted, respected, and widely seen as playing a key role in society today.
• Places – Good quality, practical locations are available to support our Scouting Programme across Wyre Scouts.

Strategy Updates

To ensure that our direction remains relevant, this strategy will be reviewed by the Wyre District Team and Wyre District Executive (at least) annually, engaging members for their input.

Our Strategic Plan

To help us meet our vision and goals, against the backdrop of the Covid-19 global pandemic, a number of phases are introduced to allow us to focus our time and resources into the areas that are required most. Each of the phases builds on the previous phase, allowing us to be more ambitions in our aspirations as the impacts of the pandemic lessen. The three phases are:
Protect – To protect Wyre Scouts’ programme, finances and membership from the impact of Covid-19 such that it is in a position to continue to devliver its charitable purpose beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.
Recover – To recover the Wyre Scouts through a youth shaped, adventurous programme offering and by building stronger external relationships in our communities. It is expected that this phase will commence when reaching a stable Amber National Youth Agency (NYA) readiness level.
Grow – To grow Wyre Scouts through a youth shaped, international and adventurous programme offering with strong support from through a range of external relationships in the community. It is expected that this phase will commence when reaching a stable Yellow/Green NYA readiness level. This phase will be further developed upon reaching the ‘Recover’ phase of the strategy.



You can view our full 2025 strategy, here.