Unknown E.S.U.

meets on Fridays 19:30 – 21:30 at St. Nicholas’ Church Hall, Fleetwood. FY8 7DG.

Contact: Gareth Bates (ESL) gareth@unknownesu.org.uk

Tankensuru E.S.U.

meets on Wednesdays 19:30 – 21:30 at 1st Garstang Scout H.Q. Kepple Lane. PR3 1PB.
Contact: Chris Beard (ESL) Tankensuru@wyrescouts.org.uk

Tenerrimo E.S.U.

meets on Thursdays 19:30 – 21:30 at Cleveleys Community Centre, Kensington Rd,Thornton-Cleveleys FY5 1ER .
Contact: Carl Curbishley (ESL) Tenerrimo@wyrescouts.org.uk

Pathfinder E.S.U.

meets on Tuesdays 19:45 to 21:45 at 1st Carleton Scout H.Q. Poulton Road, Carleton, Poulton-le-Fylde. FY6 7LZ.
Contact: Pathfinder@wyrescouts.org.uk 


Moose Y.L.E.S.U

(Wyre Districts Young Leaders).
To be a Young Leader you need to be 14, 15, 16 or 17 years old and want to help at a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or Scout Troop.
Why be a Young Leader?
There are lots of benefits of being a Young Leader: it’s fun, it’s
challenging and you will get to do some really rewarding activities.
It looks really good on your CV and is something that universities,
colleges and employers are looking for.
It counts for the service part of your Duke of Edinburgh, Platinum
Chief Scouts, Diamond Chief Scouts or Queens Scout Award.

What is a Young Leader?
A Young Leader can be:
An explorer scout
A guide
A DofE student
A Young Leader helps the section leader plan and run the
programme. You might start by running games and teaching
simple skills, but you will progress to running evenings and even
whole camps.

Your first decision will be whether to help at Beavers, Cubs or
Scouts. Don’t worry if you haven’t made your mind up, your leader
can help you decide.

Some Young Leaders also choose to go to another Explorer Unit as
well as the Young Leaders unit. Information about our other Explorer Units is at the foot of the page. All Young Leaders have to be a
member of the Young Leaders unit even if they are just doing their

The Young Leader Unit might sound scary, but it is just the place
you go to get the training and support you need. Currently we have training across the District once a month.

Who looks after the Young Leaders?
Young Leaders (even DofE students) are the responsibility of Jes Birkett the Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders). It is his job to make sure you have the right training and help you through your awards. Most of the time though, you’ll be working with the Beaver, Cub or Scout Leader and Jes will help you to help them.

What training do I get?
Young Leaders have an excellent training course open to them. All
Young Leaders have to complete Module A within three months of
becoming a Young Leader. This includes all DofE students and
Guides. Following that the training modules are optional, however a further two modules have to be completed for Silver DofE and then again for Gold.

The modules develop skills in:
Giving instructions.
Catering for special needs.
Playing games.
Programme planning.
Reviewing programmes.
First aid.
Challenging behaviour.

The more training you receive, the more you will feel able to help run the section and it counts towards your adult training as a scout leader. All the training is fun and hands on, you’ll meet new friends as well as bring back practical skills to your section meetings.

Mission Impossible?
As you start to progress in your training, you will get the chance to
complete four missions.
Mission 1 – plan, run and evaluate 3 indoor activities
Mission 2 – plan, run and evaluate 3 outdoor activities
Mission 3 – run a sectional forum or help with young leader
Mission 4 – be part of the leadership team.

Once you have completed all four missions and your training
you get awarded with the Young Leader Belt. This is an actual belt
and buckle that shows everyone what you have achieved.

Please download and print off a copy of the
Young Leader Record Form (click on the blue to download)
and pass it onto your Section Leader to pass onto me.

We recommend that you download and print off a copy of your own Personal Record Card.(click on the blue to download). This is an A5 booklet and you can keep a record of your Modules and Missions. You need to complete the Mission pages and get your section Leader to sign to confirm that you have completed the work.

What sort of things can a Young Leader do?
Young Leaders can get involved in all different aspects of running a
sectional programme including:
Running games.
Running activities.
Running meeting nights.
Teaching skills.
Adventurous activity instruction (with required permits)
Planning and run camps.

Don’t worry if this is a scary list, your Explorer Scout Leader (Young
Leader), your section leaders and perhaps other Young Leaders you
know, are all there to help you succeed.

Where can I find out more?
Speak to your Scout Leader, Explorer Scout Leader or you can contact me by e-mail on: moose@wyreexplorerscouts.org.uk

Alternatively look at the Wyre District Explorer facebook page.

The above text is based off West Lancashire Scouts document “You’re a Young Leader. Now what!"

West Lancashire Explorer Scouts link to website.

Our Training dates will be published in the autumn.

First Aid Masterclass
Sunday 10th June 2018
1st Carleton Scout H.Q.
55 Poulton Rd, Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 7LZ
09:15 to 15:30

Young Leader training weekend.
Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th March 2019
Fylde Scout Activity Centre.

I’m a Leader and a Young Leader has just joined my section. What do I do?
As a Beaver or Cub Leader, it may be ever so slightly scary having a 14 year old boy or girl on hand to help run your section. But they can be absolutely brilliant and with the right care will be an important part of your team.
Scouting have produced two factsheets to help. Just click on the links below to download then print. Alternatively get in touch with me.
Moose branded leisurewear,
From time to time there will be an opportunity to buy leisurewear with the Moose Young Leader logo proudly emblazoned upon it. The current prices (as at April 2018) are as follows:
Adult Fleece £20.00
Adult Polo £12.00 (NAME ON front right hand side + £1.50)
Adult sweat shirt £15.OO GILDAN
Adult Hoody £18.00 (NAME ON BACKS £4.00) ZIPPED PLUS £2.00
Childs sweat shirt £12
Childs Polo £8.00
Childs Hoody £15 (NO NAMES FOR UNDER 12s)

There is more!
From time to time we shall be working with our fellow Explorer Scout Units to offer you an opportunity to develop your Scouting skills. If you are not already a member, you may want to consider joining them. There are five Explorer Units across Wyre District. Their location and contact details are shown above.