What We Do

Gain Skills For Life

Scouts makes you question and listen and have an open mind. Scouts makes you take a deep breath and speak up. Scouts makes you think on your feet, makes you see the bigger picture, makes you ignore the butterflies and go for it. Scouts makes you get back up and try again. Scouts makes you think about what’s next, and plan for it. Scouts makes you jump in, get muddy, give back and get set. Scouts makes you.

We’re Scouts and everyone’s welcome here. All genders, races and backgrounds. Every week we give almost half a million people aged 6-25 the skills they need for school, college, university, the job interview, the important speech, the tricky challenge and the big dreams. The skills they need for life.

Sounds fun? Why don’t you find out for yourself, give it a go and join us today.

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